Ride Booking App

  • Duration

    5 Months

  • Deliverables

    SRS, Wireframing, UI-UX Design, Rest APIs, Web App, Backend, Android App, iPhone App

  • Technologies

    Swift, Xcode, Java, Android Studio, Json, Bootstrap, Jquery, Mysql, Laravel

Project Brief

UAD is an on-demand car booking service app like uber. UAD is a technology platform. UAD is a convenient, inexpensive and safe taxi service. Riders use their app to request a ride, and the UAD driver arrives to take users to their destination. Users of UAD pay for their rides through the app using their smartphone. UAD app also provides info about the driver-partner with whom you will ride, including first name, vehicle type, and license plate number.

Challenges We Faced

  • Competitors

    Today, finding a ride is just a smartphone tap away through a rideshare app like Uber or Lyft. It is very easy for riders to secure an on-demand ride to get wherever they need to go.

  • Build Application with Great UI/UX

    A good application is when the application is easy and simple to use so it gives a good experience to users. The user will think it is a good app because they can do what they want without being confused.

  • Geolocation

    Users’ mobile devices allow apps to use their whereabouts in a variety of ways – in this case, finding a specific driver nearby is the main reason why you need to include GPS location in your app.

Key Features and Solution

A rider can quickly book a taxi for a current ride or later for the future ride. After booking a ride, Riders get the secret verification code by SMS and MAIL. Users can review drivers and rate them based on their experiences. Customers either pay service charges by cash or debit/credit card. An increase in prices of the trip can occur for a specific time according to terms. Users can cancel the trip with valid cancellation reasons. Users can give a tip to the driver. Users can call the driver on a running trip for status and also chat with the driver. The user gets an invoice after the trip and rates the driver.

The driver can register with the app and social account also and need to upload the required documents. The driver gets a trip request to verify the trip with code, able to call the customer, change online/offline mode, add toll amount. The driver can cancel the trip with valid cancellation reasons. The driver checks the invoice and rates the user.


UAD has become one of the most successful apps providing its users with everyday travel solutions.