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Today the world can be explored on your palm with a smartphone and around 80% of the world’s smartphones are powered by Android OS. So why not get your company an android app and reach a wider audience? Keshav Infotech is one of the top Android App Development Company and we are here to take your vision and craft a customized Android solution to transcend your business goals. We understand your exceptions and know what an Android app can do for your business!

Our Android Development Expertise and Offerings

Our accomplished android developers develop interactive Android apps for your company. This makes it compatible with Mobile Phones, Tablets, Wearable Gadgets, and even all Android versions. At Keshav Infotech, we fabricate each code with precision and we use reusable components for avoiding reinventing wheel. Our apps are great when it comes to handling memory leaks by scrutinizing the size of the app efficiently. Some of the incredible apps developed by us are as follows:

  • Business Apps
  • Payments and E-Wallet Apps
  • Security Apps
  • Gaming Apps
  • E-Commerce apps
  • AI-driven Mobile Apps
  • News and Media Apps
  • Travel and Utility Apps
  • Multimedia Apps
  • Sports and Fitness Apps
  • Health and Fitness Apps

At Keshav Infotech, we facilitate our customers with advance apps to include multiple features to fulfill all their needs. Our android developers craft majestic Android applications by mixing the latest tools and technologies with their expertise.

  • Latest version Android Studio(v3.0.1)
  • Kotlin language for app development
  • RXJava for reactive functional programming
  • Dependency injection like Butterknife, Data binding and Dagger 2
  • Java 8 Lambda Expression for clear and optimized code
  • Product Flavours for different variants of the same app
  • Android Architecture Components for robust, scalable and maintainable apps

The future is all about the Internet of Things apps or to be more specific Android Things apps. Using the Android ecosystem and Google APIs for IoT, we built customized, feature-rich and scalable IoT solutions for our clients. We cater our IoT app development service to an extensive list of industries such as infrastructure, smart home, automobiles, retail, logistics, travel, restaurant, hospitality, healthcare, and fitness. So, let us power your devices with futuristic Internet of Things development for Android.

AR and VR technology have opened new dimensions of user experience and interactivity. The basic idea of AR and VR is to blend the digital content into the real life of the user to provide them with life-like experience. Our team is proficient in developing magnificent AR and VR apps using various AR SDK and Google VR SDK. Have a chat with us to hire our Android developers to build your AR and VR apps.

Hire Professional Android Developers

We are a team of dedicated Android Developers that knows the magic of building apps that appeal to the mass users. Keshav Infotech is here to build your success story by reaching users on their phones with our android apps. We believe in working with zest to deliver quality work. Hire our Android developers to get yourself an Android app!

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