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Would you like your app built by the scripting language used by the big shots?

PHP is one of the most popular server-side scripting languages and for all the right reasons. It is a reliable, secure and easily maintainable language. It is broadly used for web development and has been the backbone of famous projects like Facebook, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Tumblr and many more! Keshav Infotech brings you the top PHP developers in India. They provide web solutions with their high technical proficiency and years of experience by building high-quality codes and creative, diverse web applications.

Why PHP suits you?

High Performance

PHP is a highly efficient and agile scripting language that will help to build a powerful website for you which is compatible with every browser.

Open Source

PHP is cost-efficient and can be customizable for your business as it is an open-source language.

Huge Community

PHP is maintained by a huge community all over the globe as it is an open-source software.

Features and Functionality

Vast features and functionalities are provided by PHP with its immense library and extensions.

Multi-Platform Capabilities

It runs efficiently across all platforms like Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX.

Easy to Maintain

PHP is easy to maintain while delivering high performance.

Our PHP Expertise and Offerings

Custom PHP Web Development:

We develop scalable and rich PHP web applications to fulfill your needs to perfection.

E-Commerce Solutions:

We expertise in developing, integrating and configuring E-Commerce solutions using Laravel, Magento, WooCommerce, Zencart, osCommerce, CS-Cart that creates a proper structure for your E-Commerce website and provides better user experience to your customers.

Backend Integration:

We create an extensible and robust server-side application providing your current front-end with cutting-edge performance and security.

Support and Maintenance:

We provide our clients with the best possible support and maintenance services for their PHP apps.

LAMP Stack:

To get optimum results, It is necessary to stack the server-side scripting language PHP with the compatible technology. So, we use LAMP Stack 9Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP to make sure that your web applications perform smoothly.

Latest Version of PHP:

We use the latest PHP versions viz PHP 5.6.x and PHP 7.1.x. and bestow our clients with the latest technology. Both of these PHP versions possess extraordinary features such as Large file uploads Argument unpacking, SSL/TLS improvements, PL/pgSQL async support and hash_equals(). It also has Multi-catch exception handling Support for negative string offsets, Void functions, Symmetric array de-structuring, Nullable types, Asynchronous signal handling and many more.

Ultimate PHP Frameworks:

Our developers are proficient in the three ultimate frameworks of PHP - Laravel, CakePHP and CodeIgniter. They make it possible to incorporate complex concepts into your web apps and websites. Depending on your needs and objectives, we use these frameworks to make sure you get the best outcome.

PHP is considered as one of the most popular server-side scripting languages. It is used by us to build powerful and secure server-side applications. However, to create a complete package, we need compatible front-end technologies, databases, and APIs. Our developers use Angular, React and Vue.js as front-end technologies, databases such as MySQL, MongoDB, and Neo4J and develop API using RESTful API and GraphQL.

We can help you to deploy your PHP applications to reliable and scalable cloud servers. We use cloud servers such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. Our cloud deployment service provides stability, security and even cost efficiency.

Hire Professional PHP Developers

At Keshav Infotech, our team of accomplished PHP developers carter to numerous clients. With our experience and skills, we have developed high-end PHP web apps perfectly tailored according to our client's needs. Whatever your need may be, whatever industry you belong to, whether you are a small start-up or a huge business enterprise, our developers are ready to render their expert PHP assistance to help you achieve your goals. You can get in touch with us to inquire more about our PHP development services or to hire PHP developers.

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