Salon Service Application

  • Duration

    8 Months

  • Deliverables

    SRS, Wireframing, UI-UX Design, Rest APIs, Backend, Android App, iPhone App

  • Technologies

    Swift, Xcode, Java, Android Studio, Json, Bootstrap, Jquery, Mysql, Laravel

Project Brief

Shy is an on-demand service app like uber for the beauty industry. Shy Salon App is designed to book a salon appointment. It gives loyalty schemes, online bookings, appointments, and salon information. The shy app gives exclusive salon deals and offers and flash special offers on special occasions. This app gives important reminders of booking and new services. Users can select services from the services tab in the app and dynamic invoices are created when users make payment through the application. After completion of the service, users can give reviews and ratings to the salon. It shows if salon services are available or not in real-time, also, to managing employees, services and much more.

Challenges We Faced

  • Geolocation

    Users’ mobile devices allow apps to know their whereabouts in a variety of ways – in this case, finding a specific salon nearby is the main reason why you need to include GPS location in your app.

  • Search Salon

    When the user has an intention behind performing the search but can supply vague information about the thing they’re looking for – maybe they are thinking about a specific haircut, but are not completely certain of how it’s spelled, they can use the salon search feature on the app.

  • Payment Integration

    SHY provides online booking with online payment so it's difficult to integrate multiple online payments.

  • Book an appointment at Sametime

    When multiple users try to book service at the same time then if one user already books a 10 AM appointment the second user will not be able to book an appointment at 10 AM with the same employee.

Key Features and Solution

SHY provides APP to both users and salons. They can create and log in to the platform with different accounts with different features. While the user’s app allows them to book an appointment, give the offer, reminders, rate, and review, the salons’ app allows them to conform to their bookings.

Search nearby salon with geolocation and check the details and services of the salon and book an appointment at any time. Users can find a salon on as list and on the map also. Users can pay online for service.

Users can cancel the appointment before it starts and payment refund to the user’s account after deducting cancelation charges.


Our team has developed Shy to provide easy access to salon services to the user and simplify salon management for the salon owners. This has helped users gain better experience and grow their business.

Glimpse of the Project