Photo Sharing App

  • Duration

    9 Months

  • Deliverables

    SRS, Wireframing, UI-UX Design, Rest APIs, Web App, Backend, Android App, iPhone App

  • Technologies

    Swift, Xcode, Java, Android Studio, Json, Bootstrap, Jquery, Mysql, Laravel

Project Brief

AME is a social networking app like Instagram. AME is made for sharing photos and videos from a smartphone. Everyone who creates an AME account has a profile and a news feed. When you post a photo or video on AME, it will be displayed on your profile. There are three types of users for this application: General user, Famous user and Store user. User can complete the challenges which are created by store account and earn points. User has to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription for the registration as a store account. Store users can boost challenges by paying boost amounts online. The famous users also boost the challenges. Users can create, like, comment and share the post. Users can follow/unfollow each other and chat with each other. The app can be downloaded for free from the app stores.

Challenges We Faced

  • Build Application with Great UI/UX

    An application with good UI/UX means that the application has built with interesting, simple and clear UI/UX so the user will think that it is a good app.

  • Payment Integration

    SHY provides online payment for store registration and boosts challenges so it's difficult to integrate multiple online payments.

  • AME Project Brief - Google Docs

    AME Provides three types of users. Thus, three separate users login with the same app were to be developed for general, famous and store with different features.

Key Features and Solution

AME Provides three types of users. General user uploads post and status and follow and following another user. General users can check, like, comment and share friend's posts. General users complete the challenges and earn points and redeem that point into the store.

Famous user is the same as the general user but with some extra facilities like post challenges. The famous user also creates post and advertisement. Famous users boost the challenges.

A user has to purchase a monthly or yearly subscription to register and get a store account. Store user uploads posts, create and boosts challenges. All users can chat with each other but store users can’t start a chat. After the user starts the chat store user can chat with the user.


AME is one of the trending social networking app connecting people and helping them share and store their stories in forms of photographs and memories.

Glimpse of the Project