Healthy Conflict In The Workplace Brings The Best Out Of Your Team!

We all take our work and workplace seriously and one thing everyone avoids at their workplace is 'Conflict'. The simple reason behind this is that you do not want to be stressed out or create the space uncomfortable where you are going to spend the majority of hours of your day. Some of us are great at avoiding conflict either by not speaking their minds or caving in their thoughts under the strongest voice in the room. This behavior, however you may try to justify, brings damage to you as well as your team members.

Conflict in the workplace may sound risky and make us uncomfortable, tense and make our emotions flare but it should not be avoided in your workplace. You may ask Why? Well, a little conflict in the workplace brings out the best out of your employees and creates a healthy space. It also shows that your employees are passionate and creative people. Conflict in the workplace is not only unavoidable, but it is rather Important!

Your team will never be able to bring out their best if there are no huddles on the way. The best output from your team can be obtained, when all the team members put their heads in the game, bring out their creative lenses and voice their opinions. If they do not give their insights to avoid conflict, it would do no good for the work. So, here are some recommendations for more healthy conflict in the work environment:

It's okay to be Stupid

It's alright to be stupid sometimes. At the end of the day, we are all humans and we must accept the fact that we may act stupid or make mistakes from time to time. You're not so brilliant. If you are human and you talk, you will say something moronic. So, it is better to put our egos aside and share our thoughts. Similarly, we should be open to the thoughts of our colleagues. None of us have all the answers, and if think otherwise, you need to surround yourself with new people who are more astute than you. To find the extraordinary solutions, we have to team up and blend it up with some incredible, energetic contenders.

Just Say It

You must create a 'Just Say It' Rule for yourself and your team. They must share whatever crosses their mind even when they know that there is a flaw in their thought. That is alright. Somebody must be sufficiently strong to put something on the table that the group can respond to, and refine. Your proposition makes way for counter-recommendations that shape a superior arrangement. So simply just say it!

Talk as a Team

When it becomes about you, your group will not progress, rather it would suffer. Your self-interest will make you protective, contentious, and raise destructive behavior. So, you must keep not only you but also your team in mind constantly.

Don't hate the player, hate the Game

Assault the issue, never one another. Concentrate on settling the underlying driver behind each issue. If an issue occurs due to somebody's behavior, find out the reason behind it and try to resolve it rather than accusing the team member.

Take a Break

Once in a while when the conversations heat up way too much and it appears as though you're at a stalemate, you must take a break and step away from the situation for a while and cool off. In this time off, consider all that you've heard and afterward return to check whether the appropriate response rises to the top. Once in a while, it's only a 10-minute break, here and there a day or two. Simply let it settle some time, and the appropriate response will come.

Healthy Competition

The best thing that comes out of healthy conflict in your workplace is a favorable risk that you should indulge in even though if it causes a little distress. Focus on being better contenders and perceive how that delivers a more beneficial, progressively prosperous group.

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